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Anatomy of the Spine

This animation describes how the many parts of the spine —  including the vertebrae, invertebral disks, and facet joints — work together to allow us to stand and move.


Spinal Stenosis Animation

This animation describes spinal stenosis, a condition in which degenerative changes in the spine lead to pain and weakness in the back and legs. 


Herinated Disk

Spinal Fusion Procedure

This animation describes spinal fusion,  a surgical procedure used to correct problems with the small bones in the spine (vertebrae). 


Spinal Instrumentation

This animation describes spinal instrumentation, a method of strengthening or stabilizing the vertebrae in the spine through the attachment of rods, hooks, or wires.


All Animations courtesy Visual Health Solutions, Inc. &

These videos are meant only as generally illustrative of spinal conditions and procedures, and are not definitive or exhaustive discussions of these topics; commentary regarding a specific condition or procedure is tailored to each individual patient.


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