Disc Degeneration

One of the most common causes of low back and neck pain, Disc Degeneration is caused by wear and tear on a spinal dish. It typically consists of low-level chronic pain with episodes of more severe pain. At times it can also cause weakness, numbness, and shooting pains in the arms and legs.

How we treat it:

Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Pain control that focuses on reducing pain from the damaged disc and helps you to return to your daily activities. Methods of pain control may include anti-inflammatory medications, manual manipulation, steroid injections, electrical stimulation, back braces or heat/ice therapy.
  • Physical therapy can help stretch and strengthen the right muscles to help the back heal and reduce the frequency of painful flare-ups
  • Lifestyle modifications like changing your posture, losing weight or quitting smoking can sometimes help reduce stress on the damaged disc and slow down further degeneration. 

Surgical Treatment

  • Surgical options are available for people who experience severe pain or significant loss of function and don’t respond to other treatments. The surgery may involve removal or replacement of the whole or a part of the affected disc (partial or total disc replacement). Another option is disc removal (discectomy) with spinal fusion that reduces the movement in the damaged spine segment.

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